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Table 2 The significant GO biological processes and KEGG pathways enriched by the common genes identified in breast cancer stromal cells

From: Systematic identification of the key candidate genes in breast cancer stroma

Pathways p value Term
 GO:0030198 5.46E-15 Extracellular matrix organization
 GO:0043062 5.78E-15 Extracellular structure organization
 GO:0048523 2.14E-10 Negative regulation of cellular process
 GO:0048519 8.87E-09 Negative regulation of biological process
 GO:0022603 2.35E-08 Regulation of anatomical structure morphogenesis
 GO:0022610 3.59E-08 Biological adhesion
 GO:0009888 5.01E-08 Tissue development
 GO:0007155 1.13E-07 Cell adhesion
 GO:0044236 1.60E-07 Multicellular organismal metabolic process
 GO:0050793 2.19E-07 Regulation of developmental process
 4512 3.01E-07 ECM-receptor interaction
 4510 0.000316 Focal adhesion
 5146 0.001049 Amoebiasis
 5140 0.001126 Leishmaniasis
 4380 0.002759 Osteoclast differentiation
 5200 0.009171 Pathways in cancer
 4974 0.012054 Protein digestion and absorption
 5323 0.017842 Rheumatoid arthritis
 4620 0.025932 Toll-like receptor signaling pathway
 5210 0.03085 Colorectal cancer