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Fig. 3

From: Limbal niche cells can reduce the angiogenic potential of cultivated oral mucosal epithelial cells

Fig. 3

Identification and quantification of cell markers of cultivated oral mucosal epithelial cells (COMECs) co-cultured with LNCs and 3 T3 cells. a Representative images of p63α, ABCG2, Ki67, and CK3 in different culture systems. b The percentages of positive cells in different groups were approximately the same (p > 0.05). The results were expressed as mean ± standard deviation (p63α, ABCG2, and CK3) or median with interquartile range (Ki67). NC: negative control, LNCs: limbal niche cells, ABCG2: ATP binding cassette subfamily G member 2, CK3: cytokeratin 3, scale bars: 20 μm

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