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Fig. 2

From: Reliable reference genes for expression analysis of proliferating and adipogenically differentiating human adipose stromal cells

Fig. 2

Primer specificity and average raw cycle thresholds. a – The amplification specificity of all candidate reference gene primer sets. cDNA was isolated from undifferentiated human ASCs. Lanes 1–10: GAPDH, TBP, EF1A, LMNA, RPS18, PSMD5, MRPL19, TCRF, CCNA2 and GUSB. B and C – Raw quantitative PCR CT values for candidate reference genes during proliferation (b) and adipogenesis (c). Each gene was amplified in 15 (proliferation) or 24 (adipogenesis) different biological samples in duplicates. Values are presented as means +/− SEM

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