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Fig. 5

From: Hypoxia-associated circDENND2A promotes glioma aggressiveness by sponging miR-625-5p

Fig. 5

The circDENND2A/miR-625-5p pathway is related to HIF1α in glioma tissues. a Representative IHC images of glioma tissues with high or low expression of HIF1α. b and c Based on the IHC score of HIF1α, 35 glioma tissues were separated into a high-HIF1α expression group (IHC score: 0–6, n = 22) and a low-expression group (IHC score: 7–12, n = 13). The relative levels of circDENND2A (b) or miR-625-5p (c) in the high- or low-expression group were quantified by qPCR and then individually normalized to β-actin and U6. d Correlation between circDENND2A and miR-625-5p in the 35 glioma tissues. ** p < 0.01

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