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Table 2 Localization of gene activation sites upstream of transcription start sites of human genes SV2A, SV2B and SV2C

From: Differentiation of two human neuroblastoma cell lines alters SV2 expression patterns

Transcription factor motif Location upstream of SV2A Location upstream of SV2B Location upstream of SV2C
RARα 363 bp 242 bp
284 bp
645 bp
No predicted sites
RARα v.2 194 bp
330 bp
991 bp
54 bp
427 bp
486 bp
569 bp
797 bp
890 bp
255 bp
332 bp
CREB1 No predicted sites 459 bp
564 bp
952 bp
92 bp
CREB3 878 bp No predicted sites 128 bp
CREB3L1 282 bp
576 bp
956 bp
No predicted sites No predicted sites
  1. Predictions were made using the Eukaryotic Promotor Database using motifs from the Transcription Factor Motifs library and possible hits with a cut-off p-value of at least 0.001 were used. Predictions were made of an area of 1000 base pairs (bp) upstream from the transcription start site