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Table 1 Overview of non-K48/K63-linked ubiquitination

From: Beyond K48 and K63: non-canonical protein ubiquitination

Process/effect Ub linkage(s) USP/DUB E2(s) E3(s) Substrate(s)
Mitophagy K6/K11/K48/K63 USP30   Parkin [12] [14]
Mitophagy K6 USP30    TOM20 [19]
DDR K6    BRCA1-BARD1 [22]
DDR K6    RNF8 Nbs1 [26]
DDR K6/K48/K63    HUWE1 Chk1 [25]
Many K6    HUWE1 VCP [24, 27]
D/S K6    HUWE1 Mfn2 [27]
n.d K6/K11/K48/K63   UBCH7/UBE2L3 RNF144A, RNF144B [27]
D/S K6    MGRN1 α-Tubulin [31, 32]
D/S K6/K11    CBLC EGFR [33]
D/S K6    HUWE1 Ubl4A [28]
D/S K6    UBE4A Viperin [29]
DNA binding K6/K11/K29 OTUD1    IRF3 [36]
DDR K11   UBE2S RNF8 H2A/H2AX [37]
D/S K11   UBE2F SAG-CUL5 NOXA [54]
D/S K11   UBE2S SAG/RBX2 β-TrCP1 [55]
D/S K11   UBE2S   β-Catenin [60]
D/S K11/ K29    EDD β-Catenin [59]
D/S K11   UBE2S   SOX [56]
PPI K11   UBCH5 c-IAP1 RIP1 [58]
D/S K11   UbcD1 Cul1-Slimb Ci [51, 57]
D/S K11   UBE2S, UBCH10 APC/C Nek2A [40]; Bard1, Hmmr, HURP, NuSAP [42, 43, 45]
D/S K11 Cezanne UBE2S APC/C Cyclin B, Securin [69]
D/S K11 Cezanne    HIF1α [70]
D/S K11 Cezanne    E2F1 [71]
D/S K11 USP19    HIF1α [147]
Innate immunity K11 USP19    Beclin-1 [62]
D/S K11 USP8    Caspase-1 [64]
D/S K11 USP8    SQSTM1 [65]
Innate immunity K11    RNF26 STING [52]
D/S K11/K48    UBR5 TIP60 [49]
D/S K11/K48 RAD6   KCMF1-UBR4 [48]
D/S K11/K48    SKP1-Cullin-Fbx21 Ci [51]
Plant development/ stress response K11 UBC22    [75, 75]
PPI K27    RNF168 H2A [111]
D/S K27    fbxo3 IRF3, IRF7 [83]
PPI K27 PSMD14    IRF3 [84]
Innate immunity K27    AMFR STING [85]
Innate immunity K27 USP13, USP21    STING [87, 88]
Innate immunity K27    RNF185 cGAS [86]
Innate immunity K27 USP19    TAK1 [93]
Protein activation K27    ITCH BRAF [96]
Localization K27    ITCH TIEG1 [97]
D/S K27/K6    NEDD4 Beclin-1 [98]
PPI K27/K48    HACE1 Optineurin [99]
PPI K27    HACE1 YB-1 [101]
Innate immunity K27    TRIM23 NEMO [104]
Innate immunity K27     Rhbdd3, NEMO [105]
Autophagy K27    TRIM23 TRIM23 [102]
Innate immunity K27    TRIM26 TRIM26 [103]
Protein activity K27, K27/K29    Hectd3
Stat3, Malt1 [106]
Innate immunity K27    TRIM40 RIG-I, MDA5 [107]
Innate immunity K27    MARCH8 MAVS [108]
Innate immunity K27    TRIM21 MAVS [109]
PPI K27     NS3 [89]
D/S K27    RNF114 NS4B [90]
Nsp12 [91]
Protein activity K27    TRIM62 CARD9 [112]
Aggregation K27/K29    WSB1 LRRK2 [115]
Aggregation K29/K6/K27    TRAF6 HTT [116]
Protein activity K29    Trim13 TRAF6 [117]
PPI K29, K29/K33    Smurf1
Axin [120]
UVRAG [121]
Innate immunity K29    SKP1-Cullin-Fbx21 ASK1 [123]
Autophagy K27/K29    RNF34 MAVS [113]
D/S K29/K48   Ubc4p Ufd4p [124]
D/S K29    ITCH/AIP4 DTX [125]
Protein activity K29   UBE3C   Rpn13 [126]
Protein activity K29/K33 USP9X    ARK5/NUAK1, MARK4 [127]
Signaling K33    Cbl-b, Itch TCR-ζ [131]
Innate immunity K33 USP38    TBK1 [132]
Innate immunity K33    RNF2 STAT1 [133]
  K33    RNF152 RagA [130]
Trafficking K33    KLHL20 Coronin7 [135]
D/S K33    LZTR1 RAS [138]
Localization K33     LC3B, SQSTM1 [136]
Autophagy K29, K33 ZRANB1   RNF166 SQSTM1 [128, 129] [137]
  1. D/S protein degradation or stabilization, n.d. not determined, PPI protein–protein interactions