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Table 3 Plasmids using NAT regulating systems

From: Natural antisense RNAs as mRNA regulatory elements in bacteria: a review on function and applications

Plasmid The role of the antisense RNA
ColE1 An asRNA, termed RNA I, binds to the 5’ end of RNA II, triggering a conformational change that initiates inhibiting replication by preventing persistent hybrid formation.
Another asRNA, Rcda, complementary to the Cer region of plasmid, is synthesized when synaptic complexes between Cer sites are formed. It inhibits division when the plasmid is in a multimeric state and at risk of being lost.
IncFII-Like An asRNA blocks the translation of leader protein and causes inhibition of Rep protein synthesis.
IncIu-IncB An asRNA prevents the formation of an activator RNA pseudo knot.
pT181 and pIP501 Antisense RNA induces attenuation of transcription.
  1. aRepressor of cell division