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Table 1 Somatic cells content in fresh breast milk when both mother and infant are healthy

From: Cells of human breast milk

Somatic cells Markers % of the total cell population References
Colostrum (1 day prepartum or 1 day postpartum) Peak lactation (month postpartum)
Leukocytes CD45 13–20 1–2 [15, 54]
Myoepithelial cells CK5, CK14, CK18, CK19, CD49f, SMA 50–90 60–98 [24, 55]
Lactocytes CK18, EPCAM
Breast milk stem cells (hBSCs) CD44, ITGB1/CD29, ATXN1/SCA1 10–15 No data [22, 25, 55]
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) CD90, CD105, CD73, VIM