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Fig. 1

From: Systematic identification of the key candidate genes in breast cancer stroma

Fig. 1

Heat map and volcano plot for differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in breast cancer stroma cells compared with normal breast stroma from GSE26910. a – Volcano plot of DEGs in breast cancer stroma cells from GSE26910. x-axis: LogFC, large magnitude fold changes; y-axis: -log10 of p-value, high statistical significance. Red and green points: log2|fold change| ≥ 1 and p value < 0.05. Black points: log2|fold change| < 1 or p value > 0.05. b – Dendrogram of DEGs identified via cluster analysis. Each column represents one sample. The green header indicates normal stromal cells and red indicates breast cancer stromal cells. Each row represents one gene, with red representing high relative expression, and green representing low relative expression

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