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Table 1 Cellular activity similarities between eRNA and NamiRNA

From: Enhancer RNAs: transcriptional regulators and workmates of NamiRNAs in myogenesis

Activities eRNA miRNA
Cytoplasm Nucleus Cytoplasm Nucleus
Cellular stage of operation No evidence yet Pre-transcription Post-transcription Post-transcription, transcriptional
Location No evidence yet Yes Yes Yes
Target No evidence yet Promoter sequence [44], enhancers [9], DNA [45], lncRNA, and other ncRNA [67] mRNA [68] Pri-mRNA [61], promoter [59], enhancer [3], ncRNA [59]
Transcriptional effect No evidence yet Activation [48], silencing [10] Activation [54] Activation [3]
Mode of action No evidence yet RNA–RNA hybrid
RNA–DNA-DNA hybrid [45]
RNA-RNA hybrid [69] RNA–RNA hybrid
RNA–DNA hybrid
RNA–DNA–DNA hybrid [69]
Cis and trans activities No evidence yet Yes [67] No evidence yet Yes [70]
Transcriptional activity No evidence yet Yes Yes Yes
Activation of genes/mRNA No evidence yet Yes [48] No Yes