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Shape variation of bilayer membrane daughter vesicles induced by anisotropic membrane inclusions

  • Klemen Bohinc1, 2,
  • Darko Lombardo1,
  • Veronika Kraljiglič1, 3,
  • Miha Fošnarič1,
  • Sylvio May4,
  • Franjo Pernuš1,
  • Henry Hägerstrand5 and
  • Aleš Iglič1Email author
Cellular & Molecular Biology LettersAn International Journal200611:9

Received: 8 September 2005

Accepted: 6 January 2006

Published: 01 March 2006


A theoretical model of a two-component bilayer membrane was used in order to describe the influence of anisotropic membrane inclusions on shapes of membrane daughter micro and nano vesicles. It was shown that for weakly anisotropic inclusions the stable vesicle shapes are only slightly out-of-round. In contrast, for strongly anisotropic inclusions the stable vesicle shapes may significantly differ from spheres, i.e. they have a flattened oblate shape at small numbers of inclusions in the membrane, and an elongated cigar-like prolate shape at high numbers of inclusions in the vesicle membrane.

Key words

Bilayer membranesDaughter vesiclesAnisotropic membrane inclusions