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Studies on genetic changes in rye samples (Secale cereale L.) maintained in a seed bank


The aim of this study was to identify genetic changes in rye seeds induced by natural ageing during long-term storage and consecutive regeneration cycles under gene bank conditions. Genomic DNA from four rye samples varying in their initial viability after one and three cycles of reproduction was analyzed by AFLP (amplified fragment length polymorphism) fingerprinting. Seven EcoRI/MseI primer combinations defined 663 fragments, and seven PstI/MseI primer combinations defined 551 fragments. The variation in the frequency of the seventy-four EcoRI/MseI bands was statistically significant between samples. These changes could be attributed to genetic changes occurring during storage and regeneration. However, the PstI/MseI fragments appeared to be uninfluenced by seed ageing, regeneration and propagation. A combined Principle Coordinate Analysis revealed differences between samples with different initial viability. We showed that materials with low initial viability differ in their response from highly viable ones, and that the changes exhibited in the former case are preserved through regeneration cycles.



amplified fragment length polymorphism


Dańkowskie Złote


principal component analysis


random amplified polymorphic DNA


sequence-tagged sites


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