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The effect of auxins (IAA and 4-Cl-IAA) on the redox activity and medium pH of Zea mays L. root segments

Cellular & Molecular Biology LettersAn International Journal11:31

Received: 27 April 2006

Accepted: 26 May 2006


Indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) and 4-chloroindole-3-acetic acid (4-Cl-IAA) were tested at different concentrations and times for their capacity to change the redox activity and medium pH of maize root segments. The dose-response surfaces (dose-response curves as a function of time) plotted for redox activity and changes in medium pH (expressed as ΔpH) had a similar shape for both auxins, but differed significantly at the optimal concentrations. With 4-Cl-IAA, the maximal values of redox activity and medium pH changes were observed at 10−10 M, which was a 100-fold lower concentration than with IAA. Correlations were observed between redox activity and medium pH changes at the optimal concentrations of both IAA and 4-Cl-IAA. The results are discussed herein, taking into account both the concentration of the auxins and the effects produced by them.

Key words

Redox activity Medium pH changes Root segments Zea mays L Auxins Dose-response surface