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Schistosoma japonicum: The design and experimental evaluation of a multivalent DNA vaccine


The aim of this study was to construct and evaluate the immunity efficacy of the DNA multivalent vaccine pVIVO2SjFABP-23. The vaccine was constructed and produced as follows. Forty BALB/c mice were divided into four groups designated pVIVO2, pVIVO2Sj23, pVIVO2SjFABP and pVIVO2SjFABP-23. Each mouse was immunized with 100 μg of the corresponding plasmid DNA by intramuscular injection. 28 days post-vaccination, the mice were challenged with S. japonicum cercariae, and the worm and egg burdens were determined 42 days post-challenge. Serum samples were collected from all the mice before and after vaccination and at the end of the experiment, and used for antibody detection. The IFN-γ and IL-4 levels were quantified in the supernatants of specifically stimulated spleen cells. The number of worms was reduced by 52%, 40% and 42% in mice respectively immunized with pVIVO2SjFABP-23, pVIVO2Sj23 or pVIVO2SjFABP. A respective 61%, 38% and 39% egg reduction was determined relative to those mice that only received the empty pVIVO2 plasmid. pVIVO2SjFABP-23 immunization increased IgG levels against SWAP and SEA. Increased IFN-γ levels were detected in the supernatant of specific stimulated spleen cells from mice immunized with the 3 different constructs. The multivalent DNA vaccine developed induced higher levels of protection than the two monovalent tested vaccines.



fatty acid binding protein


soluble egg antigen


Schistosoma japonicum


splicing by overlapping extension


soluble adult worm antigens


world health organization


23 kDa membrane protein


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