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Genetic diversity of SIRE-1 retroelements in annual and perennial glycine species revealed using SSAP

Cellular & Molecular Biology LettersAn International Journal200612:54

Received: 11 July 2006

Accepted: 6 October 2006

Published: 13 November 2006


Sequence Specific Amplification Polymorphisms (SSAP) were used to measure the distribution and structure of SIRE-1 retroelement populations in annual and perennial Glycine species. For SSAP analysis, primers corresponding to a region immediately upstream of the 3’LTR of the soybean retroelement SIRE-1 were chosen. Analysis reveals that SIRE-1 is present throughout the Glycine genus and shows that the annual species have similar SIRE-1 populations whilst the perennial species have much more distinct and diverse populations. The high number of species-specific subgroups suggest that SIRE-1 has been active and evolving independently in each species during the course of Glycine evolution.

Key words

Glycine RetroelementSSAPphylogenySIRE-1 copia