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Prins and C-PRINS: Promising tools for the physical mapping of the lupin genome


Two molecular cytogenetics methods, PRINS (primed in situ DNA labeling) and C-PRINS (cycling PRINS), were optimized for the physical mapping of several types of DNA sequences on the mitotic chromosomes of the narrow-leafed lupin (Lupinus angustifolius L.). The fragment of the FokI element from Vicia faba was localised by indirect PRINS reaction. Two other sequences, fragments of the coding sequences of L. luteus and of L. angustifolius, were localised by indirect C-PRINS. These techniques are faster and more sensitive than FISH, and they allowed the mapping of short DNA fragments. The data obtained shows that both types of PRINS are valuable tools for chromosome identification in lupin.



bacterial artificial chromosome


cycling PRINS




fluorescence in situ hybridization


polymerase chain reaction


primed in situ DNA labeling


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