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Tetraploid somatic hybrids of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) obtained from diploid breeding lines


Intraspecific somatic hybrids between 16 different diploid breeding lines of Solanum tuberosum L. were produced by PEG-induced fusion. Manually selected heterokaryons were cultured in a Millicells-CM using a post-fusion protoplast mixture. Plants were regenerated from calli derived from heterokaryons obtained from 10 out of 38 combinations of diploid lines. Of the tested putative somatic hybrids, 14.2% were diploid, 72.8% were tetraploid and 13% pentaploid. The DNA amplification pattern obtained with RAPD or semi-random primers confirmed that 6 fusion combinations were hybrids. In most cases, the morphological traits were intermediate to those of the diploid fusion partners. About 23.0% of the tested somatic hybrids showed variation in their morphology. Of the tested somatic hybrids, 78.0% flowered and 86.0% tuberized. The cytoplasm of 9 diploid lines and 6 somatic hybrid combinations was analysed. Two of the diploid lines had W/S chloroplasts and α or ε mitochondria; the remainder contained T chloroplasts and β mitochondria. All the analysed somatic hybrids carried T chloroplasts and β mitochondria.



chloroplast DNA


cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide


fluorescein diacetate


mitochondrial DNA


naphthaleneaceic acid


polyethylene glicol




random amplification of polymorphic DNA


restriction fragments length polymorphism


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