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  • Mini review
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Cell electrophoresis — a method for cell separation and research into cell surface properties

Cellular & Molecular Biology LettersAn International Journal200813:4

  • Received: 13 June 2007
  • Accepted: 9 November 2007
  • Published:


In this paper, we discuss the application of various methods of cell electrophoresis in research into cell surface properties (analytical methods), and the separation of uniform cell subpopulations from cell mixtures (preparative methods). The emphasis is on the prospects of the development of simplified and versatile methodologies, i.e. microcapillary cell electrophoresis and horizontal cell electrophoresis under near-isopycnic conditions. New perspectives are considered on the use of analytical and preparative cell electrophoresis in research on cell differentiation, neoplastic transformation, cell-cell interactions and the biology of stem cells.


  • Cell electrophoresis
  • Cell separation
  • Cell surface