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A consensus map of chromosome 6R in rye (Secale cereale L.)


Four F2 mapping populations derived from crosses between rye inbred lines DS2×RXL10, 541×Ot1-3, S120×S76 and 544×Ot0-20 were used to develop a consensus map of chromosome 6R. Thirteen marker loci that were polymorphic in more than one mapping population constituted the basis for the alignment of the four maps using the JoinMap v. 3.0 software package. The consensus map consists of 104 molecular marker loci including RFLPs, RAPDs, AFLPs, SSRs, ISSRs, SCARs, STSs and isozymes. The average distance between the marker loci is 1.3 cM, and the total map length is 135.5 cM. This consensus map may be used as a source of molecular markers for the rapid development of new maps of chromosome 6R in any mapping population.



amplified fragment length polymorphism




inter-simple sequence repeat


logarithm of odds


quantitative trait locus


random amplified polymorphic DNA


restriction fragment length polymorphism


sequence-characterized amplified region


simple sequence repeat


sequence-tagged site


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