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Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters

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The interaction of PVP complexes of gossypol and its derivatives with an artificial membrane lipid matrix

  • Maksim Ionov1, 2Email author,
  • Ilnora Tukfatullina1,
  • Bakhtiyar Salakhutdinov1,
  • Nina Baram1,
  • Maria Bryszewska2 and
  • Takhir Aripov1
Cellular & Molecular Biology LettersAn International Journal200915:37

Received: 20 March 2009

Accepted: 18 November 2009

Published: 20 November 2009


In this paper, we present the results of a study on the membrane-active properties of gossypol, its derivatives and their polyvinylpyrrolidone complexes as assessed by differential scanning calorimetry and by the fluorescent probe method. The latter revealed the change in polarization of the incident radiation caused by the action of the polyphenol on the artificial membrane lipid matrix.

Key words

Gossypol and its derivativesLipid membranesDifferential scanning calorimetryMembrane fluidity