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Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters

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ZNF300, a recently identified human transcription factor, activates the human IL-2Rβ promoter through the overlapping ZNF300/EGR1 binding site

Cellular & Molecular Biology LettersAn International Journal201015:25

Received: 11 March 2010

Accepted: 10 June 2010

Published: 28 June 2010


ZNF300 was recently identified as a member of the human KRAB/C2H2 zinc finger protein family. Little is known about the role of ZNF300 in human gene regulation networks. In this study, the DNA-binding property of ZNF300 was further analyzed. We found that the recombinant ZNF300 could bind to the binding site 5′-GCGGGGGCG-3′ of Egr1, another member of the KRAB/C2H2 zinc finger protein family. Similarly, recombinant Egr1 also showed a similar binding affinity to the ZNF300 binding site 5′-CTGGGGGCG-3′. Bioinformatics analysis revealed that there is an overlapping ZNF300/Egr1 binding site in the human IL-2Rβ promoter region, which was previously known to be recognized by endogenous Egr1. Electrophoretic mobility shift assays showed that endogenous ZNF300 could also bind to this site. A transient transfection assay revealed that both ZNF300 and Egr1 could transactivate the IL-2Rβ promoter, and that the activation was abrogated by a mutation of residues in the overlapping ZNF300/Egr1 binding site. Co-expression of ZNF300 and Egr1 led to enhanced IL-2Rβ promoter activity. Thus, ZNF300 is likely to be another regulator of the human IL-2Rβ promoter.

Key words

ZNF300Egr-1IL-2Rβ promoterActivation