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Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters

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Functional characterization of human Kindlin-2 core promoter identifies a key role of SP1 in Kindlin-2 transcriptional regulation

  • Ammad Aslam Khan1,
  • Takashi Shimokawa1,
  • Staffan Strömblad1 and
  • Hongquan Zhang1, 2Email author
Cellular & Molecular Biology LettersAn International Journal201116:638

Received: 5 April 2011

Accepted: 8 September 2011

Published: 15 September 2011


Kindlin-2 is a recently identified FERM and PH domain containing integrin interacting protein. Kindlin-2 is ubiquitously expressed in normal tissues. So far, much effort has been spent exploring the functional aspects of Kindlin-2. However, the transcriptional regulation of Kindlin-2 has not yet been investigated. In this study we identified and functionally characterized the promoter of the human Kindlin-2 gene. We show that the core promoter of Kindlin-2 is a 39 base pair long GC rich fragment located −122/-83 upstream of the Kindlin-2 transcription start site. Functional characterization of this core promoter region by both in silico as well as in vitro/in vivo analysis shows that the transcription factor SP1 plays an important role in regulation of Kindlin-2 expression.

Key words

Kindlin-2FERMT2PLEKHC1Mig-2Transcription factor SP1PromoterTranscription start siteGene regulationCis-acting elementsCpG islandCell migrationIntegrinGene expression