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Zyxin-VASP interactions alter actin regulatory activity in zyxin-VASP complexes

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Cellular & Molecular Biology LettersAn International Journal201218:35

  • Received: 20 June 2012
  • Accepted: 12 October 2012
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Cell-cell and cell-substrate adhesions are sites of dramatic actin rearrangements and where actin-membrane connections are tightly regulated. Zyxin-VASP complexes localize to sites of cell-cell and cell-substrate adhesion and function to regulate actin dynamics and actin-membrane connections at these sites. To accomplish these functions, zyxin recruits VASP to cellular sites via proline-rich binding sites near zyxin’s amino terminus. While the prevailing thought has been that zyxin simply acts as a scaffold protein for VASP binding, the identification of a LIM domain-VASP interaction could complicate this view. Here we assess how zyxin-VASP binding through both the proline rich motifs and the LIM domains alters specific VASP functions. We find that neither individual interaction alters VASP’s actin regulatory activities. In contrast, however, we find that full-length zyxin dramatically reduces VASPmediated actin bundling and actin assembly. Taken together, these results suggest a model where zyxin-VASP complexes occur in complex organizations with suppressed actin regulatory activity.

Key words

  • Actin
  • VASP
  • Zyxin
  • Adhesion
  • Migration
  • Cytoskeleton