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Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters

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Sulfochitosan inhibits P-selectin-mediated HL-60 leukocyte adhesion under flow conditions

Cellular & Molecular Biology LettersAn International Journal201318:84

Received: 3 June 2012

Accepted: 18 February 2013

Published: 7 March 2013


Excessive trafficking of leukocytes can lead to serious tissue injury. Here, four regioselectively sulfated chitosans were assessed as inhibitors of HL-60 leukocyte binding to P-selectin, by investigating their effect on leukocyte adhesion to CHO cells expressing human P-selectin under static and flow conditions. The results show that the sulfochitosans exhibit inhibitory activity in this general order: heparin > N-sulfated/6-O-sulfated chitosan ≥ 3-O,6-O-sulfated chitosan > 6-O-sulfated chitosan N-sulfated chitosan. This suggests that the sulfation of the double site in chitosan is essential for efficient inhibition of P-selectin-mediated HL-60 leukocyte adhesion and that such sulfochitosans may have potential as therapeutic agents against inflammatory disease.

Key words

ChitosanSulfated chitosanP-selectinInhibitionCell adhesionFlow conditionHeparin