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A new method for the preperative and analytical electrophoresis of cells

Cellular & Molecular Biology LettersAn International Journal200611:46

  • Received: 7 June 2006
  • Accepted: 19 July 2006
  • Published:


In this paper, a new method is described for the horizontal electrophoresis of cells on a density cushion under near-isopycnic conditions. When cell sedimentation is minimized, the electrophoresis of red blood cells (RBC) used as model cells within an anti-convective porous matrix (with pores over 300 μm in diameter) was capable of separating a mixture of human and chicken RBC according to their electrophoretic mobilities. Samples taken from the separated RBC bands show over 90% purity for each species. The simultaneous electrophoresis of several RBC samples carried out under identical conditions permitted the use of comparative data based on the electrophoretic mobility of cells which differ in their surface properties. We believe that this relatively simple system, in which cell sedimentation and convection are minimized, has the potential to be modified and adapted for the separation of other cell types/organelles.

Key words

  • Cell electrophoresis
  • Cell separation
  • Cell surface
  • Red blood cells