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  1. Diallyl disulfide (DADS) is a major constituent of garlic. Previously, we found that DADS both inhibited proliferation in human gastric cancer cells in vitro and in vivo, and induced G2/M arrest. In this study, w...

    Authors: Hui Ling, Liang-Yun Zhang, Qi Su, Ying Song, Zhao-Yang Luo, Xiu Tian Zhou, Xi Zeng, Jie He, Hui Tan and Jing-Ping Yuan
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:34
  2. The narrow-leafed lupin possesses valuable traits for environment-friendly agriculture and for the production of unconventional agricultural products. Despite various genetic and environmental studies, the bre...

    Authors: Andrzej Kasprzak, Jan Šafář, Jaroslav Janda, Jaroslav Doležel, Bogdan Wolko and Barbara Naganowska
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:33
  3. The antimicrobial activity of eight cationic, two neutral and three anionic liposome compositions containing meropenem and gentamicin was tested in vitro in broth and serum medium. The cationic formulations showe...

    Authors: Zuzanna Drulis-Kawa, Jerzy Gubernator, Agata Dorotkiewicz-Jach, Włodzimierz Doroszkiewicz and Arkadiusz Kozubek
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:30
  4. Parthenocarpy (seedless fruits) is a desirable trait that has been achieved in many plant cultivars. We generated parthenocarpic cucumber fruits by introducing the chimeric DefH9-iaaM construct into the cucumber ...

    Authors: Zhimin Yin, Robert Malinowski, Agnieszka Ziółkowska, Hans Sommer, Wojciech Plcader and Stefan Malepszy
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:24
  5. The rye genomic library, which consists of DNA fragments in the range of 0.5–1.1 kb, was screened for the presence of tri-and tetranucleotide and compound microsatellites. Of the 1,600,000 clones analysed, 102...

    Authors: Hanna Bolibok, Monika Rakoczy-Trojanowska, Małgorzata Wyrzykowska, Magdalena Radecka and Wacław Orczyk
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:23
  6. Altered gene expression was associated with the induction and maintenance of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). To determine the significance of HCR2 in HCC, here we compare the expression levels of HCR2 in carcinom...

    Authors: Shan Liu, Lijie Ma, Weixue Huang, Yin Shai, Xiaona Ji, Liya Ding, Yinkun Liu, Long Yu and Shouyuan Zhao
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:22
  7. Mung bean CYP90A2 is a putative brassinosteroid (BR) synthetic gene that shares 77% identity with the Arabidopsis CPD gene. It was strongly suppressed by chilling stress. This implies that exogenous treatment wit...

    Authors: Bin Huang, Chien-Hua Chu, Shu-Ling Chen, Hsueh-Fen Juan and Yih-Ming Chen
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:21
  8. Brefeldin A is a commonly used antifungal agent that reversibly blocks protein transport from the endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi complex. In this study, we aimed to characterize L-leucine uptake in Saccharomy...

    Authors: Manuel Alonso, Hilda I. Burgos, Vanesa Pannunzio, Andrea Monti Hughes, James R. Mattoon and Carlos A. Stella
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:20
  9. HAP (a homologue of the ASY/Nogo-B protein), a novel human apoptosis-inducing protein, was found to be identical to RTN3. In an earlier study, we demonstrated that HAP localized exclusively to the endoplasmic ...

    Authors: Hua Xu, Qing Zhou, Xin Liu and Yi-Peng Qi
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:19
  10. The BLM-system for studying the electrophysical properties of bilayer lipid membranes (BLM) was applied to investigate interactions between polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimers and lipid bilayers. The cationic PA...

    Authors: Dzmitry Shcharbin, Alexander Drapeza, Valeri Loban, Alexej Lisichenok and Maria Bryszewska
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:18
  11. Belonging to Class II of transposable elements, En/Spm transposons are widespread in a variety of distantly related plant species. Here, we report on the sequence conservation of the transposase region from seque...

    Authors: Ahu Altinkut, Olga Raskina, Eviatar Nevo and Alexander Belyayev
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:17
  12. The nuclear matrix is a functionally adaptive structural framework interior to the nuclear envelope. The nature and function of this nuclear organizer remains the subject of widespread discussion in the epigen...

    Authors: Adrian E. Platts, Amelia K. Quayle and Stephen A. Krawetz
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:16
  13. Cationic liposome-DNA (lipoplexes) or polymer-DNA (polyplexes) complexes have been used to deliver therapeutic genes, both in vitro and in vivo. However, gene transfer by these non-viral vectors is usually inhibi...

    Authors: Krystyna Konopka, Nathan Overlid, Anitha C. Nagaraj and Nejat Düzgüneş
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:15
  14. Secreted proteins play important roles in many crucial biological processes, and can be new agents or targets for drug therapies. Here, we report on the isolation and characterization of a novel human non-clas...

    Authors: Xin-Rong Wang, Yu-Bo Zhou, Feng Liu, Ke-Sheng Wang, Yan Shen, Jian-Hua Liu and Ze-Guang Han
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:14
  15. We developed a rapid, practical and non-toxic salting-out method for the extraction of DNA from marine organisms, and tested it on two representative species of Porifera and Cnidaria, both living in associatio...

    Authors: Giovanni Battista Ferrara, Barbara Murgia, Anna Maria Parodi, Laura Valisano, Carlo Cerrano, Giulio Palmisano, Giorgio Bavestrello and Michele Sara
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:13
  16. Primary protein-digestion in Lepidopteran larvae relies on serine proteases like trypsin and chymotrypsin. Efforts toward the classification and characterization of digestive proteases have unraveled a conside...

    Authors: Ajay Srinivasan, Ashok P. Giri and Vidya S. Gupta
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:12
  17. The human NR4A1 orphan receptor is a member of the TR3 steroid receptor superfamily, which binds DNA at the NBRE and NurRE responsive elements. The TR3 receptors are involved in the regulation of differentiati...

    Authors: Agnieszka K. Olejnik-Schmidt, Marcin T. Schmidt and Anna Goździcka-Józefiak
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:10
  18. A theoretical model of a two-component bilayer membrane was used in order to describe the influence of anisotropic membrane inclusions on shapes of membrane daughter micro and nano vesicles. It was shown that ...

    Authors: Klemen Bohinc, Darko Lombardo, Veronika Kraljiglič, Miha Fošnarič, Sylvio May, Franjo Pernuš, Henry Hägerstrand and Aleš Iglič
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:9
  19. T lymphocytes recognize antigens in the form of peptides presented by major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules on the cell surface. Only a small proportion of MHC class I and class II molecules are loa...

    Authors: Izabela Nowak, Elżbieta Pajtasz-Piasecka, Bartosz Chmielowski, Leszek Ignatowicz and Piotr Kuśnierczyk
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:7
  20. Anorexia nervosa is a serious eating disorder with the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder. The DSM-IV classification differentiates two AN types: the restricting type (AN-R) and the binge-eating/...

    Authors: Małgorzata Janas-Kozik, Urszula Mazurek, Irena Krupka-Matuszczyk, Małgorzata Stachowicz, Joanna Głogowska-Ligus and Tadeusz Wilczok
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:6
  21. The influence of organic and inorganic compounds of tin on the dynamic properties of liposome membranes obtained in the process of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) sonication in distilled water was invest...

    Authors: Dariusz Man, Marian Podolak and Grzegorz Engel
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:5
  22. The expression of CXCR4, a membrane protein which is involved in the entry of HIV-1, is down-modulated from the cell surface by Phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (PMA) and the Ca+ ionophore, Ionomycin. Inducible...

    Authors: Yoshihiko Yamamoto, Rajendra Pahwa and Savita Pahwa
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:3
  23. Axons fail to regenerate in the adult central nervous system (CNS) following injury. Developing strategies to promote axonal regeneration is therapeutically attractive for various CNS pathologies such as traum...

    Authors: Zhiqun Zhang, Andrew K. Ottens, Stephen F. Larner, Firas H. Kobeissy, Melissa L. Williams, Ronald L. Hayes and Kevin K. W. Wang
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:2
  24. Many selenoorganic compounds play an important role in biochemical processes and act as antioxidants, enzyme inhibitors or drugs. The effects of a new selenocompound — bis(2-aminophenyl)-diselenide on oxidativ...

    Authors: Paweł Nowak, Joanna Saluk-Juszczak, Beata Olas, Joanna Kołodziejczyk and Barbara Wachowicz
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 11:1

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